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“Edward Willett is prolific, accurate, and talented. He’s not only an award-winning science-fiction writer, but he’s also an extremely capable freelancer on a wide range of topics. I recommend him without reservation.” – Robert J. Sawyer, Science Fiction Writer, SFWRITER.COM

“Edward is a master with the English language. As my editor on a number of projects, he was able to take my already good copy and tweak it to make it even better. If you have a chance to work with him, I suggest that you do.” – Ryan Holota, Writer

“Ed is more than adept – I can’t think of the right word but HE probably can – at writing fiction (especially science fiction and fantasy) and non-fiction, including science, humour, advertising copy, news articles, computer manuals, arts/music reviews, and biographies. He’s curious, well-read himself, able to work on several projects at once, and has impeccable spelling and grammar. How we’ve worked together: I’ve read several of Ed’s books, and for many years, he’s done publicity writing for a musical theatre group on whose Board I sit.” – Janet Wilson, Administrator, Saskatchewan Justice

“Whether it is explaining the intricacies of computer software, de-mystifying science, reviewing the arts, or pure fiction, Ed Willett’s writing has a way of engaging the reader while providing information that educates, informs and enlightens. His research is solid, his prose clear. He writing shares his sense of curiosity and wonder in his zeal for discovery & learning. He is able to interview sources, & be interviewed about his findings. He can moderate panels & participate on them. He knows when and how to provide illustration, whether drawn or photographic. He is an excellent and entertaining speaker, and all-round good guy. We’ve all learned to put words on paper, but when Ed is given the job, the results are “just what you would have done” only better. Highly recommended.” – Sharon Eisbrenner, ITIL Problem Management Practitioner, Eisberg Consulting & Design 

“Edward is an excellent communicator, both in writing, and in his speaking skills. He rises to the occasion, and is more than willing to share his knowledge with his colleagues. I would not hesitate to use his skills and talents again, should the need arise.” – Diane Walton, Editor, OnSpec Magazine

“Edward is a skilled and adaptable writer who is creative and flexible, easily able to tailor his finished product to appropriately fit the needs of a client, situation, or creation. He is comfortably at home in the fields of criticism, science, humor, theatre, music, history, performance, juvenile literature, fantasy fiction, social observation or any combination of the foregoing. I enjoy his friendship as well as his skills as a collaborator.” – Jean Freeman, SpeakEasy Enterprises

“I’ve known Edward Willett for over ten years. We have worked together critiquing literature and have participated together at various conventions. Ed is an accomplished writer, excellent singer and a caring father. His weekly science article is read by many of my fellow science teachers. His insights in these articles are often commented on by numerous students and motivate them to think.” – Kim Greyson, English Department Head, Rockyview School Division #4

“I called on Ed to help my team deliver a Regina Warehouse District for a national conference on building better communities. Ed followed the guidance and stepped up to the plate like a pro. I never cease to be amazed by his willingness to undertake new projects, no matter how daunting they may appear at first glance. Ed has the rigor and the integrity to follow through and perform to expectations. He is an asset in any team. I recommend him warmly.” – Claude-Jean Harel, The Great Excursions Co.

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